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Updated: Jan 3
I want to talk about something that has been on my heart and in my spirit for some time. Ashamedly, I just did not make the time to do it and for that I am ashamed. However, with a bleeding heart for our young ladies, I want to tell every young lady that you are WORTH IT! Yes, you are worth it!

You are worthy of love, honor, great opportunities, a good education, kind treatment and a successful life, a loving husband and everything else that your heart desires. Most importantly, you are worth the wait! This may come as a surprise to many, but it is okay to wait until you are married before having sex. Some may not agree but that is perfectly alright. I do not write to please people but to empower and inform them.

Because you are worth it, don’t sell yourself short by entering bad relationships where you are not honored, respected, or celebrated. Know who you are!

Our society says sex is the bomb, fire, cool, on point or “definitely in” but having pre-marital sex is over-rated. Sex forms an emotional and spiritual bond between two married people. God created sex and made it good, but it was created for married people to reproduce and enjoy and express their love for one another. This may come as a shock, but you were not made to bond emotionally and spiritually with every person you enter a relationship with via sex.

Please understand that I am not writing this for anyone to feel condemned or bound BUT for you to be free. Free to choose and understand your choice. Free to be empowered to know that Christ has given you the freedom to choose his way and you have the power to do so. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION – the dos and don’ts. You are free to do whatever you like.

Let’s look at this scripture: I Corinthians 6:12 – I can do anything I want to if Christ has not said no,[b] but some of these things aren’t good for me. Even if I am allowed to do them, I’ll refuse to if I think they might get such a grip on me that I can’t easily stop when I want to.

I have seen too many young ladies fall prey to bad relationships and pre-marital sex before they are ready. Some do not know there is a better or higher way. There are many reasons to wait before having sex, but one is that sex clouds your view of who the other person really is. It binds you to this person emotionally and spiritually. I believe this is more so for women than men because I believe as women, we are more emotional. It’s hard to truly see who a person is when you are having sex with them. Getting to know them with the cloud of a sexual relationship can answer certain questions like: Does this person have a spirit of anger on them? Are they selfish, lazy, dominating, abusive, or a good person? What is their character like? Are they honest? Are they hard working? Do they share the same values? It’s important to get to know them before marriage and sex.

Have you ever heard of an ungodly soul tie? It is when you become emotionally and spiritually tied with a person, usually through sex, and can’t break free. They mistreat you, cheat on you, and even beat you and you keep coming back for more. There are several reasons you got into it – low self-esteem, childhood trauma and the like. I am not saying it’s your fault, but I am saying you have a choice and there is a higher way.

I know this will not be a poplar blog post, but I decided to write it anyhow. My heart aches as I see so many young ladies getting pregnant, contracting sexually transmitted diseases, depressed, carry pre-mature responsibility of a child, unhappy, and having to put their goals on hold. You are more than an incubator. You are a blessed person who God has a plan and purpose for (see Jeremiah 29:11).

I want you to know that there is a higher way. As a young girl I grew up without a father. As written in my book, You Have What the Father Has, I did not have the love, guidance nor the protection of my father. I had many challenges to overcome. I had some bad relationships. I needed to feel loved. It wasn’t until I truly opened my heart to God’s love that I was empowered to take a higher route. So as a saved and single woman at that time, I decided to live a life of celibacy — not because of religion but because of my love for the Father and acceptance of a higher purpose for my life. Trust me it is possible.

There are several meanings in the dictionary and other sources about the meaning of celibacy, but biblically and spiritually speaking it is living a life dedicated to God and abstaining from sex until marriage. It is getting to know God in an intimate personal way while contently waiting for marriage. You can date and still be celibate. You can have fun, go to the movies, eat out with friends, travel, worship, and still be happy. I am not talking about you being a nun or a priest. Lol.

I’m looking forward to writing more on this topic soon.

Be free in 2023 and choose a higher way. You have a choice and a God-given free will. You are worth the wait! Your virginity and purity are precious and valuable. Don’t just give it to someone unworthy who don’t think enough to respect you with kindness and honor and more importantly a ring of marriage.

I definitely plan on writing more on this topic to empower young ladies real soon – perhaps an e-book. Sign up here to get updates.

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May 2023 bring you happiness, wealth, prosperity, opportunities and wise choices.

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