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Lydia Nance

Author, Motivational Life Coach, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Real Estate Investor
Just me, authentically!

I truly believe that we all have a higher purpose that we may not be walking in right now.

Higher purpose living is embracing your God given gifts, abilities, potential and purpose in life so you can live a fulfilling and prosperous life beyond measure and escape mediocrity.

My Story

My mother was single parent to 7 children until I was a young woman. As a child I experienced poverty, trauma, and abuse. I grew up in the ghettos of upstate New York where there was much trouble to get into. I can’t say that I didn’t get into things I shouldn’t have but I can say that I thank God for a praying and loving mother. My father left when I was 11 years old and growing up without a father had a traumatic and profound effect on my life. Because of this, I struggled with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and trust issues.

Although I had a troubling childhood from a young girl, I always knew and believed that there was something more for me. There were many obstacles that I had to overcome such as child-hood poverty, abuse, insecurity, lack of self-confidence and divorce but God transformed my life into something beautiful and worth living, and He will do the same for you. Experiencing and overcoming many difficulties in my life has given me a passion to help broken and hurting people to discover not only the love, grace, and restoration of Jesus Christ but to show them how to tap into their God given potential and live a higher purpose life.

Becoming the woman that God wanted me to be meant trusting God to help me overcome the many difficult hurdles in my life. As a result, I was able to obtain my bachelor’s degree in journalism, associates in business, embrace my call and purpose as a pastor (for over 20 years), build my real estate business (16 years’ experience), pay off debts, own several investment properties, make over 6 figures, and write my first book. My experience has given me a passion to help aspiring women entrepreneurs overcome their insecurities, self-develop, and level up to face their challenges so they can have a thriving business by investing in real estate, themselves, and the Kingdom of God even if they are beginners.

One of the greatest challenges in reaching my goals and building my business was overcoming my insecurities and lack of self-confidence. That is why I counsel, empower, and push women who are striving to over mediocrity to live a better life and achieve their goals. I have a knack for motivating people and getting them unstuck so they can move to their next level in life. Don’t let another day go by without stepping towards what God has for you. Your potential, talents, and gifts have been hidden far too long. It’s time for the world to know who you are.

For more empowerment and resources visit my blog here.
You can also get my latest book, “You Have What the Father Has,” where I write about my private pain and shame and how I overcame many obstacles. I believe this book is truly empowering and will give you a renewed love for the Father and help you move into purpose. You can get it  here.

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