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Higher Purpose Living With Lydia Nance

Lydia J. Nance

Author, Motivational Life Coach, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Real Estate Investor

Just me, authentically!

I truly believe that we all have a higher purpose that we may
not be walking in right now.

As a motivational coach my goal is to help people, especially women, tap into their full potential and achieve their dreams. I believe personal development, spiritual growth and real estate are all interconnected paths to creating a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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The Author’s Book

You Have What The Father Has

With a flood of insights gleaned from her journey through private pain and shame to public testimony and victory, Pastor Lydia J. Nance offers a simple, yet inspiring blueprint to capture all that God has prepared for each of us in her book, You Have What the Father Has: How to Possess the Promises of God in Your Life.

Grounded in the truth of Scripture and sharing the fulfillment only found in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this book provides a window into how Nance overcame the deep personal pain of not having a father around during her formative years to discovering the unconditional love of an all-knowing and all-powerful heavenly Father who is always just a conversation away.


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Higher purpose living is embracing your God given purpose in life so you can live a fulfilling and prosperous life beyond measure and escape mediocrity.

Are you feeling stuck or just know that there is so much more for you? Personally, I can relate to this feeling of being stuck or unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, devotion to prayer, training and investing in myself, that I began to unravel my true purpose.

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