You Have What the Father Has


With a flood of insights gleaned from her journey through private pain and shame to public testimony and victory, Pastor Lydia J. Nance offers a simple, yet inspiring blueprint to capture all that God has prepared for each of us in her book, You Have What the Father Has: How to Possess the Promises of God in Your Life.



Grounded in the truth of Scripture and sharing the fulfillment only found in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this book provides a window into how Nance overcame the deep personal pain of not having a father around during her formative years to discovering the unconditional love of an all-knowing and all-powerful heavenly Father who is always just a conversation away.

Through her own conversations and listening to Holy Spirit, Nance reveals how she came to the realization that God the Father has already done it all through the blood of Jesus and delights in fulfilling the heart’s desire of those who accept their rightful places as His sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God.

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