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Higher purpose living is embracing your God given purpose in life so you can live a fulfilling and prosperous life beyond measure and escape mediocrity.

Are you feeling stuck or just know that there is so much more for you? Personally, I can relate to this feeling of being stuck or unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, devotion to prayer, training and investing in myself, that I began to unravel my true purpose.

‌I help aspiring women entrepreneurs self-develop, overcome their challenges, level up and live their best life by investing in themselves, real estate, and the kingdom of God even if they are beginners or don’t know where to start.

As a motivational coach my goal is to help people, especially women, tap into their full potential and achieve their dreams. I believe personal development, spiritual growth and real estate are all interconnected paths to creating a fulfilling and purposeful life.

With over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry and 20 years of pastoring, I am a multifaceted entrepreneur, author, writer, and spiritual leader who has counseled and helped empower countless people. I hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an associate degree in business and information Systems. My personal development journey has led me to become a certified life coach, earn a six-figure income, and become a guidance and support for countless women in overcoming obstacles and reaching their personal goals. I am eager to utilize my expertise and empower you to succeed on your own journey towards success, prosperity, purpose, and fulfillment. Let’s get started!

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