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Updated: Jan 3

In over 22 years of ministry, I really should not be amazed at how little people in the body of Christ know about supporting a visionary. No. I am not fussing but observing because I believe as Pastors and spiritual leaders it is our duty to equip, educate, and train the body of Christ so that we are not ignorant to the devil’s devices.

II Corinthians 2:11 says, “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. I also like the way the “New Living Translation” in the Bible puts it: So that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes.”

Understand that those who are discerning and mature, have the wisdom of God and are spiritually aware of how to support a visionary. You may ask why is this important. Well, I am glad you asked. It is Satan’s job to hinder the work of the Kingdom. One of the ways that he does this is through distracting leaders or visionaries from their godly assignment. Another is time but I will address that in a later blog.

A visionary is a person who sees the future as given to them by God or through meditation. They see the big picture of where they want to go or lead. This can be God’s calls through dreams, visions, or God’s voice through prayer and meditation on the Word. A visionary can be in the educational, political, religious, financial, or technological arena. For the purposes of this blog, my goal is to enlighten people regarding supporting spiritual visionaries.

When a visionary or your visionary or leader can see clearly with less distractions, you benefit as well as others and your community that is why it is important to support and assist them with all you can.

I believe that it is the responsibility of those who are closest to and who support visionaries to help limit those distractions. A distraction is something that interferes with concentration or takes attention away from something else. It is also a state of great mental upset or emotional intensity. A visionary need mature people around him or her that can pray, support, undergird, and most importantly keep down distractions.

Believe it or not it is important for your visionary to have time for reflection so that he/she can consistently seek God for answers regarding the God-given vision and faithfully execute God’s instructions. There are times when the Lord will not give a visionary a clear picture of what he has instructed them to do but through prayer, meditation and faith the vision starts to unfold — that is why time alone with God is very important. Many Pastors are inundated with mundane tasks or responsibilities that others should take on coupled with working full time jobs, caring for and spending time with their families that they have little time to hear from God. When they are unable to receive a download from the Father, not only can they get into trouble, but God’s instruction and voice is not as clear. Many leaders or visionaries play the hit and miss game. Not that leaders are not prone to mistakes, but when they cannot hear from God and do not get proper rest; the vision becomes stalled. Too often visionaries are carrying out duties that lay members should be doing. Many do not mind, but you cannot drive while reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. Sooner or later, you are going to crash. And if you have passengers on board, they can be injured.

“ Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

Jonathan Swift

Although I have much more to say on this topic, I will continue it in another blog but I encourage you to consider your support for your ministry and ministry leaders. Can up do more? Can you be more faithful? Think on it.

Don’t give the devil the advantage! Support God’s true leaders and visionaries!

I am writing to those who are mature and understand the importance of supporting the man and woman of God and their ministry. These are the Joshua’s and Caleb’s of today.

With that said I want to salute my PPA (Personal Pastor Assistant), Kesha Brewer. I call her the “General” lol. TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY (November 11, 2022). So, I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She has been a faithful servant from day one. She is a godly woman and knows how to support her leaders. There is no doubt that she was chosen by God to support us. I know she has our back. Her heart is pure, and she desires the best for her leaders. She’s always looking for ways to make things easier and lighter for her Pastors so we can focus on the God-given vision. I thank God that she possesses the qualities of a chosen armourbearer and assistant:

1. Faithfulness
2. Prayerfulness
3. Submitted
4. Accountability
5. Responsibility

I have heard some people say, “I could not do what she does, “and they are right and that’s why they were not chosen to do what she does. I have seen her serve us and the ministry while going through her own personal trials. It takes the anointing, commitment, love for God, humility and power to do what she does.

Yes, I do appreciate all the leaders of our ministry, but I wanted to give a special appreciation to Sister Kesha Brewer AND I am sure our ministry congregants will agree.

Happy Birthday woman of God and God Bless you.

Thank you for allowing us time and space through your faithful service to think, envision, and pray. We love you!

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