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The Blessing of Home Ownership

Updated: Jan 3
My mother always said, “God bless a child who has his own.” At the time I really did not understand what she meant. However, as I got older, I not only started to understand what she meant but begin to learn the importance of having your own – especially your own home or owning real estate.

My mother never learned to drive so she had to take a cab everywhere or depend on other people to take her to the grocery store or doctors office. Of course, some people never showed up or were very late. It was those moments that I started to see the importance of ownership.

However, my mother did own her own home and fought tooth and nail to keep her home so she would have something to leave us but most importantly, I believe, to have a stable place for us to live for years.

When you have a chance read Leviticus 25:21-32. In these scriptures, God has a system of blessing and ownership for the children of Israel, which I believe we can learn from. He even teaches them about having something to pass to their children and family.

Recently, one of my properties became vacant and I had to get it rented again. I can’t begin to tell you the many people who made application for that one house. After hearing so many needs, desires, and wants, I secretly wished that I could clone the house and meet the demand. There were many people who were living in hotels with children who needed housing. My prayer is that each one of them find housing and stability for their children. I began to count my blessing for owning a home.

Owning a home is not only good but smart. Owning several homes is very smart. Stay tuned for more on this topic soon.
If you own a home count your blessings and be thankful.
Here are 7 advantages of home ownership:

1. It’s your castle. You can pretty much do what you would like as far as renovations are concerned without worrying that you’ll chip away dollars from your security deposit refund. When you own your own home, you feel free in decorating the way you want!
2. Your housing costs usually stay steady except for fluctuating taxes or insurance rates. At least you don’t have a landlord to spring a rent increase on you every year or two until they finally price you out of the rental. By the way, rent has skyrocketed lately, and many are finding themselves having to move because they simply cannot afford the increases. With a fixed-rate mortgage, your monthly payments for loan principal (the amount you borrow) and interest (fee you pay for using the lender’s funds) won’t change over the entire period of the loan
3. You build equity or “wealth”! After all the payments, you will have money (equity) in your home for future use such as making repairs, buying other properties, or an avenue for retirement. Also, once you decide to sell your house that has increased in value, you will sell for a profit and will not have to pay capital gains on your personal home subject to tax laws (see IRS tax guidelines).
4. It’s an investment. House values are still appreciating or remaining stable in most areas.
5. You get tax benefits. On your federal income taxes. You can deduct you pay in property taxes and interest on your mortgage if you itemize. This can save you money.
6. You have privacy. No more paper-thin walls or sharing a backyard with neighbors.
7. You have stability and security. No more moving from place to place.
If home ownership is your goal, I pray that the door is open for you to walk into home ownership soon.

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